Oase AquaActiv OptiPond Pond Water Stabiliser 500ml
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Oase AquaActivOptiPond Pond Water Stabiliser 500ml

The ABC of algae control.

The lime-carbonic acid balance in the water can be dangerously disturbed in ponds. The consequences are unavoidable pH value fluctuations and poor filter performance. OptiPond stabilises the most important parameters. The result is an optimum pond climate in which flora and fauna feel good. Fish show their gratitude with healthy growth and beautiful colours.

Distribute approx. 100ml of OptiPond for every 1000 litres of pond water over the surface of the pond. Short-term turbidity is normal and disappears again quite quickly. Only apply one dosage within a 24-hour period and check the water values regularly (e.g. QuickStacks).

500ml treats up to 10000L of water

Stabilises important water values (pH, & GH/KH)
Improves the water quality
Ensures long fish life
Prevents dangerous acidity and neutralises harmful ammonia
Constant compatibility for pond and inhabitants

Brand: Oase
SKU: 75823
Categories: Pond Treatments


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