Transform surfaces with our vibrant range of paints in the Paint category, perfect for adding colour and protection to various substrates. Make a statement with our Direct to Metal Paint in Chilli Red Gloss, available in a convenient 750ml size, providing a durable and glossy finish ideal for metal surfaces, fences, and garden furniture. Add a touch of charm to outdoor spaces with our Garden Paint in Daisy, offering a delightful shade in a 250ml container, perfect for brightening up garden sheds, pots, and planters with long-lasting colour and weather resistance. For metal surfaces prone to rust, our Direct to Rust Smooth Finish Metal Paint in Silver, available in a generous 5-litre container, provides reliable protection and a smooth, professional finish, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance for industrial and DIY projects alike. Whether you're refreshing indoor walls, reviving outdoor furniture, or protecting metal structures, our range of paints offers versatility, quality, and vibrant colour options to suit any project.

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