Scars, Wounds, Prosthetics & FX

Achieve realistic and spine-chilling effects with our Scars, Wounds, Prosthetics & FX collection, meticulously crafted to bring your costume or special effects makeup to life. Create a gruesome look with our Stapled Scar Set, featuring realistic staples for an unsettling effect that adds authenticity to your costume or character portrayal. Add a touch of horror with our Sliced Arm Scar, perfect for creating the illusion of a deep gash or injury for a truly terrifying look. For a devilishly dramatic transformation, our Smiffys Make-Up FX, Devil Kit offers everything you need to achieve a demonic appearance, complete with horns, prosthetic wounds, and devilish makeup. Whether you're preparing for Halloween, a theatrical production, or a themed event, our collection of scars, wounds, prosthetics, and FX promises professional-quality results and ensures you steal the show with your chillingly realistic transformation.

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