Fake Blood

Add a gory touch to your costume with our selection of Fake Blood products, perfect for creating realistic special effects that will leave a lasting impression. Make a gruesome statement with our FAKE BLOOD TUBE 28.5ml, offering ample coverage for creating bloody wounds, bites, or splatter effects to complete your spooky look. Achieve realistic splatter effects with ease using Smiffys Make-Up FX, Spray Blood, designed to create a convincing blood spatter on clothing, props, or decorations for a truly terrifying effect. Ensure your costume is truly bloodcurdling from head to toe with our Fake Blood Clothing Spray 75ml, ideal for adding blood stains or splatters to clothing and accessories for a gruesomely authentic finish. Whether you're preparing for Halloween, a theatrical production, or a themed event, our collection of fake blood products promises to take your costume to the next level of horror and ensure you make a bloodcurdling impression wherever you go.

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