Varnish, Woodstain & Wax

Enhance and protect your wood surfaces with our premium selection of varnish, woodstain, and wax products in the Varnish, Woodstain & Wax category. Achieve a glossy and durable finish with our Polyurethane Varnish in Gloss Clear, available in a convenient 250ml size, perfect for adding a protective layer to furniture, floors, and woodwork while enhancing their natural beauty. Protect your outdoor decking from the elements with our UV Guard Decking Oil in Natural Oak, offering superior UV resistance and water repellency in a 2.5-litre container, ensuring long-lasting protection and a rich, natural finish. For fine furniture and interior woodwork, our Wax Polish in Black Bison Dark Oak, sized at 500ml, provides a lustrous sheen and deep conditioning, revitalising and preserving wood surfaces with ease. Whether you're refinishing furniture, staining decking, or waxing woodwork, our range of varnish, woodstain, and wax products offers quality, versatility, and lasting protection for all your wood care needs.

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