Gangster Mafia Fancy Dress Costumes

Here at our gangster fancy dress costumes category we have everything you need to look the part, whether you're looking for a 1920's Mafia fancy dress costume or just a set of accessories to put the finishing touches to your look. We have all in one Gangster sets in red, white or black which include a Trilby Hat, Tie, Braces, a Spin Moustache and Spats for your shoes.
We have a wide selection of gangster hats to choose from including Fedoras, Trilbys and Flat Caps. If you’re looking for a costume for your little one then look no further, we have the perfect Childs Gangster Costume for you which is also available in adults sizes. For the finishing touches you could pick up one of our inflatable guns and plastic cigars.
Or for something a little different you could pick up one of our 1920’s fat gangster costumes for adults.

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