Wizard of Oz Fancy Dress Costumes

Follow the yellow brick road to enchanting style with our Wizard of Oz Fancy Dress Costumes category. Perfect for fans of all ages, our collection brings the magic of this timeless story to life. Young adventurers can roar with courage in our Child's Lion Jumpsuit Costume, complete with mane and tail, embodying the beloved Cowardly Lion. Adults can step into the iconic blue gingham dress and ruby slippers with our Adults Kansas Girl Dorothy Costume, perfect for capturing the heart and spirit of the classic heroine. And, for those who admire the clever friend made of straw, our Child's Straw Scarecrow Costume offers a delightful rendition of the wise but disheveled character. Each costume is designed to recreate the authentic and magical feel of the Wizard of Oz, ensuring you or your child can play the perfect part in any themed event or theatrical production. Explore our collection and let the wonder of Oz transform your next costume experience.

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