Face & Body Paint

Let your imagination run wild and express yourself with our extensive Face & Body Paint collection, curated to add a vibrant touch to your costume or festival look. Stand out from the crowd with our Moon Glow - 12ml Neon UV Face & Body Paint in Intense Red, perfect for creating striking designs that glow under UV light, ensuring you're the center of attention at any nighttime event. For a more natural touch, our Brown Face Paint offers versatile coverage ideal for creating animal or character looks with ease. Dive into a world of vivid colour with our Pro Face & Body Paint Cake Pots by Moon Creations in Wild Berry, boasting rich pigments and a creamy texture that effortlessly blends onto the skin for stunning results. Whether you're aiming for bold neon hues, subtle earthy tones, or vibrant berry shades, our collection of face and body paints promises endless possibilities for unleashing your creativity and ensuring you stand out with style and flair.

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