Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Nothing quite beats the sheer rawness and seemingly radiant aura tattoo sleeves project to us, so here you can fix your costume up with this selection of fake tattoo sleeves! That’s right, you get to have a full arm length Tattoo Sleeve without the fear of its permanence! Simply slide the fake Tattoo Sleeve on your arm as you would, and you’re all set for parties, events and occasion oozing with a confident energy unmatched by anything else!

Our fancy dress fake tattoo sleeves designs range from classic Biker Tattoos with Skulls and tyres accompanying the art, Skater tattoos with Skateboards and switchblades, but we also offer Tribal Tattoos for you as well as Rocker Tattoos for metal costumes and gangsters! Our range won’t disappoint you on variety and quality, make sure you walk away with some sick ink in you with our fake Tattoo Sleeves category!

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