Lip Tattoos

Transform your pout into a statement piece with our captivating Lip Tattoos collection, curated to add a touch of unique flair to your makeup routine. Show off your patriotic spirit with our Lip Tattoo & 16 Nail Foils Union Jack, featuring bold and vibrant Union Jack designs that make a striking impression. Make a statement with our Lip Tattoo 2 in Packet Union Jack, offering a convenient and easy-to-apply option for showcasing your British pride. For a splash of colourful vibrancy, our Lip Tattoo & 16 Nail Foils Rainbow set features a dazzling array of rainbow hues that add a pop of playful charm to your look. Whether you're aiming for patriotic chic or colourful whimsy, our collection of lip tattoos promises effortless application and long-lasting wear, allowing you to express your unique style with confidence and panache.

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