Small Animal Cages & Coops

Provide a safe and comfortable home for your small furry friends with our premium Small Animal Cages & Coops collection. Ensure outdoor comfort with the Pawhut Wood Rabbit, Bunny, Guinea Pig Hutch, designed for durability with water-resistant materials and featuring a convenient ramp for easy access to the upper level. Keep your chinchillas content with the PawHut Rolling Small Animal Cage, offering mobility and space with a platform, ramp, and tray for effortless cleaning. For convenient indoor living, the PawHut Rabbit Cage provides a cozy retreat complete with a water bottle, wheels for easy relocation, and a plastic slide-out tray for hassle-free maintenance, all in a sleek dark grey finish. Whether indoors or outdoors, our range of cages and coops offers versatility and functionality to accommodate the needs of your beloved small animals.

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