Wallpaper Strippers

Effortlessly remove old wallpaper and prepare surfaces for a fresh look with our range of wallpaper strippers in the Wallpaper Strippers category. Our Wallpaper Stripper in a convenient 500ml size offers effective removal of stubborn wallpaper with ease, saving you time and effort during renovations. For larger projects, our DIF Wallpaper Stripper Concentrate in 1 Litre provides concentrated power to tackle multiple rooms, ensuring thorough and efficient stripping of adhesive residues. Pair your stripper with our 4'' Wallpaper Scraper, which comes with 5 blades, for precise and smooth removal, minimising damage to underlying surfaces. Whether you're a professional decorator or a DIY enthusiast, our selection of wallpaper strippers and accessories ensures hassle-free wallpaper removal and smooth preparation for your next decorating project.

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