Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Fancy Dress

Get ready to cook up some mischief this World Book Day with these Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Fancy Dress Costume ideas inspired by the Roald Dahl classic turned Tim Burton motion-picture of the same name. Whether you own the world’s largest chocolate factory or you just work there, your costume is sure to be recognised by everyone this World Book Day, so grab your Golden Ticket, put on your top hat and step into factory. 
Now the factory doesn’t run itself, so we’ll need someone to wear our Factory Worker Costume and if you’re feeling brave, the very flattering Factory Worker Wig. Now that you look the part you can start whipping the whipped cream, plumping the marshmallow pillows and trimming the sugar-grass. It’s hard work but when you’re done you can treat yourself to some 3-course-meal chewing gum, just be careful you don’t turn into a giant blueberry! Now that the factory’s firing on all cylinders we can open the gates, and who do we find standing before us, why, it’s Willy Wonka in his iconic outfit (Willy Wonka Fancy Dress). See his jaunty top hat and flowing purple coat just like the one popularised by Johnny Depp in the 2005 adaptation by Tim Burton. Now you can give the boys and girls (Violet Beauregarde fancy dress, Charlie Bucket fancy dress & Augustus Gloop fancy dress) a tour of the wonderful factory you helped build, the marvellous and delicious treats you devised and the groundbreaking new science you have discovered: all in the name of chocolate! 

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