Dog Food & Chews

Nourish your canine companion with the finest ingredients and delectable flavours from our Dog Food & Chews collection. Treat your dog to the wholesome goodness of Country Hunter's 80% Duck & Turkey with Superfoods, a nutritious blend packed with high-quality proteins and essential nutrients in a convenient 600g package. Keep their dental health in top shape with Pet Munchies' 100% Natural Chicken & Sweet Potato Dental Stic, a delicious and satisfying chew that supports oral hygiene while satisfying their cravings, available in a handy 90g size. For rewarding training sessions or simply as a tasty snack, indulge your pup with Hollings Training Treat Duck, a mouthwatering treat made from premium duck meat, perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages, offered in a convenient 75g pack. Explore our range today and delight your furry friend with irresistible treats and nourishing meals they'll love.

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