Fancy Dress Accessories

No costume is complete without those finishing touches. Those little things that really tie a look together. A fancy moustache, a funky wig or a wonky hat. You’ll find these conversation starters and look completers in Accessories! At Cazaar, we’ve got an impossibly wide array of hats to choose from. Our range of rootin tootin 10 gallon hats is enormous, from Billy the Kid to Doc Holliday, we’ve got it. Bring the cattle home or become an outlaw all while keeping your head in the shade. You might want to pair that with a neckerchief to keep you from getting a red-neck.

To some people, hats should be measured in feet and not gallons. Find the tallest most ridiculous top hat imaginable in our bottomless dressing-up chest. Express your extravagance and material
wealth as a Victorian gentleman or maybe you’re a super villain planning on world domination. Who else eras a top hat? oh, only the rock-god himself Slash. Grab a black curly wig and
inflatable guitar and you’re in the jungle, baby! Some hats are so much more than superficial statement pieces. Oh yes. Some hats are a way of life. Let the world know what job you would have preferred had you not fallen into that very engaging career in data management: browse our police hats, fireman helmets, builder hardhats, nurse scrubs, chef’s hat and astronaut helmets all in one place. Take one look at the top 40 and you’ll see that wigs have never been more in fashion! Dump the short-back-and-sides and chuck out the ‘Karen Cut’ and opt for something a little weirder. We’ve got some excellent ladies wigs for men if you’re feeling the panto vibes. Get your groove on with our crazy 70s afro wigs, we’ve got wigs for damsels in distress and punk rockers in the mosh-pit. Break out the nerdy side-parting as you present your science project to the class. Sometimes with a costume, it just doesn’t feel right without THAT THING, you know? What is John Lennon without his circular sunglasses? What is Michael Jackson without his sparkly glove. It’s in Accessories that you find these crucial pieces. May it be a red bowtie to mimic a famous time traveller or a magical ring for a certain adventurer, it's these little touches that bring a costume to life. Whether you’re faking an illness, turning into a rotting zombie or turning blue like a surf, we’ve got all the FX makeup you’ll need to get that realism across at the party. Go green with envy with our green face paint or show off your battle scars with our stick on fake injuries. We’ve got everything you could ever dream of to tie a look together at Cazaar, all in one place! You’ll only need to take one look at our selection and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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