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Meet the Worry Yummies, The are big Cuddly Monsters with a Love for Eating your Worries , Unzip their mouths and get them to Eat your Worries!
Worry Yummys are the best Worry Monster and Worry Doll on the market! With 4 to choose from...
  • Hank, Our Green Worry Yummy, He is a big Green Cuddly Monster with Horns and 1 Cyclops Eye.
  • Marvin, Our Blue Worry Yummy, He is a big Blue Cuddly Monster with a Pink Chest and Little Blue Wings.
  • Zipper, Our Purple Worry Yummy, He is a big Multi Coloured Cuddly Monster with Rainbow Horns and 3 Cute Eyes.
  • Munch, Our Red Worry Yummy, He is a Red Green Cuddly Monster with a Plush Rainbow Chest and Blue Horns.
  • 15" / 40cm
  • CE certified for ages 3+
  • Made from soft fibres
  • Embroidered face
  • Machine washable cold
These soft cuddly toys are recommended by Child Psychologists to help children ease their worries! All they have to do is write down a worry or fear and feed it to the monster using their zipper mouths. They eat all your worries and fears!


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