Wizard of Oz Fancy Dress Costumes

The Yellow Brick Road waits this World Book Day with these magical Oz Inspired Costume Ideas. Bring the world into full colour in our brand new Dorothy Fancy Dress Costume, inspired by the iconic blue gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 motion-picture. Before you go over the rainbow you can’t leave behind your faithful companion, so don’t forget to pick up a Toto Soft Toy in his little wicker basket. Hold onto that basket tight because it looks like a twister’s heading your way, I think you’re off to the Magical World of Oz! 
Now if you’re visiting The Wizard you might want some company for the long journey ahead. So long as you don’t mind if your company is a little dim! Our Scarecrow Costume has all the patchwork charm of the film, complete with straw stuffing coming out of its wrists and ankles - brain not included! You might not scare any crows but you’ll look great when you meet the Mighty Oz. So put on your pointy hat and let’s get going. 
If you’re not brave enough for either of those costumes we’ve got a great idea for you this World Book Day. Get ready to “put ‘em up” with our cowardly Lion Costume, so you can help Dorothy and Scarecrow fulfil the dreams with the help of the Mighty Oz. And whilst your at it maybe you’ll get yourself some courage! Watch out though, because you might bump into someone in our Wicked Witch Costume complete with green face paint: that’s sure to strike fear into any man, woman or Lion. Browse our wizard of oz fancy dress costumes for the best costumes in Oz.

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