Adults Kansas Girl Dorothy Costume
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Hop down the Yellow Brick Road to your next fancy dress party in this Kansas Girl Costume. Inspired by the World Famous Dorothy from Book The Wizard of Oz, this combination is the perfect choice for Teachers School Book Week and World Book Day Fancy Dress!
  • Blue and White Gingham Dress with Large Red Plastic Buttons
  • Matching Gingham Hair Bows
Additional Accessories Available - Soft Toto Toy Dog, Gingham Basket

Size Guide:
Small: Dress Size: UK 6/8 - Chest: 32-34"/81-86cm - Waist: 28"/71cm - Length: 37"/94cm
Medium: Dress Size: UK 10/12 - Chest: 36-38"/91.5-96.5cm - Waist: 32"/81cm - Length: 39"/99cm
Large: Dress Size: UK 14/16 - Chest: 38-40"/96.5-101.5cm - Waist: 34"/86cm - Length: 41"/104cm
X Large: Dress Size: UK 16/18 - Chest: 42-44"/106.5-111.5cm - Waist: 36"/91.5cm - Length: 43"/109cm
XX Large: Dress Size: UK 20/22 - Chest: 46-48"/117-122cm - Waist: 38"/96.5cm - Length: 45"/114cm


Size Guide

Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
Chest 32-34"/81-86cm 36-38"/91.5-96.5cm 38-40"/96.5-101.5cm 42-44"/106.5-111.5cm 46-48"/117-122cm
Waist 28"/71cm 32"/81cm 34"/86cm 36"/91.5cm 38"/96.5cm
Length 37"/94cm 39"/99cm 41"/104cm 43"/109cm 45"/114cm
Dress Size UK 6/8 UK 10/12 UK 14/16 UK 16/18 UK 20/22

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