Spinning 360 Rotating Spin Floor Mop Dry Bucket Set Kitchen 2 Microfibre (Blue)
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Estimated Delivery Friday, Jul 26
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The intelligent cleaning system for your floors!

The Mantraraj professional mop, with its 360� rotating head, is the best system for reaching and washing the most hidden corners.
With the easy wring mop head, you can scrub the floor under the furniture and finally get a perfect cleaning.

Complete mop and buckets sets!

The vinyl, wood, hard and laminate floor mop will come with 2 microfiber heads and the revolutionary bucket with spin system.

Enough with the dirty water where you just cleaned!

The bucket's spin system allows you to remove excess water from the large microfibre mop.
Using it is very simple, just place the microfiber mop head in the support point of the spin system and push down.

Lightweight and ergonomic!

The telescopic mop can be easily adjusted in length with a twist lock system so it fits perfectly to your height.

In addition, the vinyl, hard, laminate and wood floor mop, although robust, is extremely light, so you do not have to tire in use, especially if you already suffer from back pain.

The microfiber heads of the mop are able to effectively clean and retain dirt thanks to their special structure.
The mop can be used dry as microfiber dust mop and wet as floor washing mop.

Floor washing and drying has never been easier or faster than with the Mantraraj twist mop!

Free Soap Bottle

Don't miss it, buy the best mop bucket set of all time today!

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