Mens Corpse Groom Costume
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  • MEN’S CORPSE GROOM COSTUME: Wander the hallowed mist-veiled night in search of your long-lost beloved for your next Halloween fancy dress party with your Men’s Corpse Groom Costume and haunt the isle until you find them!
  • CORPSE GROOM COSTUME DETAILS: Your Men’s Corpse Groom Costume includes a Black button up tailcoat jacket, Stripey black and grey trousers, a lace tie, and a Black Top Hat with a White band to complete the look!
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES: Your Adults Corpse Groom Costume is available in multiple sizes from Small to XX-Large:
Small: Chest: 34-36"/86-91cm - Waist: 30-32"/76-81cm
Medium: Chest: 38-40"/96.5-101.5cm - Waist: 32-34"/81-86cm
Large: Chest: 42-44"/106.5-111.5cm - Waist: 36-38"/91-96.5cm
X-Large: Chest: 44-46"/111.5-116.5cm - Waist: 40-42"/101.5-106.5cm
XX-Large: Chest: 48-50"/122-127cm - Waist: 44-46"/111.5-116.5cm
  • FANTASTIC COSTUME QUALITY: From the comfort and easy-to-wear material of our Black tailcoat, the comfortable fit and excellent quality of the trousers, and the prestigious feel and look of your Top Hat, you’re sure to make a killing with your looks!
  • PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN AND GOTHIC FANCY DRESS: Whether you’re seeking out your long-lost bride on Halloween, or for any Gothic fancy dress event or occasion, your Men’s Corpse Groom Costume is sure to be the centre of attention throughout the night!


Size Guide

Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge
Chest 34-36"/86-91cm 38-40"/96.5-101.5cm 42-44"/106.5-111.5cm 44-46"/111.5-116.5cm 48-50"/122-127cm
Waist 30-32"/76-81cm 32-34"/81-86cm 36-38"/91-96.5cm 40-42"/101.5-106.5cm 44-46"/111.5-116.5cm

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