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JUMBO PROP CIGAR: You want to be the boss around here? Then start acting and looking like one with our Jumbo Fake Cigar, whether you’re a loud or calm leader, this Cigar Prop will elevate your public image tenfold!

JUMBO CIGAR DETAILS: Your Jumbo Cigar is 7 Inches long, with a red tip from the heat, and a ‘Quality’ label wrapped around the filter, an authentic and cartoonishly great accessory for any costume!

AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE PACKS: Your Jumbo Prop Cigars are available in multiple packs, from Single, Packs of 2, Packs of 3, Packs of 6, and Packs of 12 to share amongst your friends and family!

COMPLETE ANY MEXICAN AND MAFIA BOSS COSTUME: If you already have a Mexican or Mafia Crime Boss costume prepped and ready to go, then light up our Jumbo Prop Cigar and get into the swing of being the boss around these parts!

PERFECT FOR MAFIA AND MEXICAN FANCY DRESS: Whether you’re a wandering gunslinging cowboy, or the head honcho of a mafia for any fancy dress party, be sure you can look the part with your Jumbo Prop Cigar! 


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