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Baby Showers are a traditional way to celebrate the coming of a new baby and are also an opportunity for friends and family to shower the mum to be with gifts, support & love. Baby showers are traditionally held quite late in the pregnancy usually within the third trimester, quite close to the due date.

When it comes to choosing a theme for the baby shower in recent years nature inspired and botanical themes have grown in popularity, making use of fresh flowers, greenery and natural elements in decoration. Gender neutral baby showers are now a popular choice, rather than making use of traditional blue & pink colour themed baby showers, the parents are opting for neutral colour schemes such as green and yellow to celebrate the arrival of their little one.

When it comes to deciding on what games to put on at the baby shower there’s the classic Nappy Raffle where baby shower guests exchange packs of nappies for a raffle ticket which is later drawn for prizes. Then there’s the “Guess the baby food” game where you cover the label of each jar and write a number on each, then you provide your guests with a paper and pencil. Your guests then examine each jar, smelling and even tasting it to guess which flavour the baby food is. Another popular game is “Baby Shower Selfie Challenge”, guests take a selfie with the mum to be and post them on social media with a specific hashtag. Then there’s the “Baby Emoji Game” where players guess the baby related word or phrase which is represented by a series of emojis. Finally you could play “The Price is Right” baby shower edition. Guests have to guess the price of baby items and the closest wins a prize.

To conclude, baby showers are a great way to cherish the arrival of a new baby and provide an amazing opportunity for family and friends to show support of the mum to be. With popular themes like botanical, nature inspired & gender neutral you can celebrate in a trendy fashion and with fun games like we suggested becoming increasingly popular, there are many ways you can make your baby shower memorable and unique.