You’re a busy person. We get it. You’ve not always got time to run to the shops and grab some booze for your party. And we understand that the corner shop hasn’t always got - how should we put it - the most premium beverages available. What if we could take the affordability of the corner shop, the quality of a high-brow wine shop and the convenience of the internet. Well with Cazaar you don’t have to imagine. Take a look at the enormous range of wines, champagnes, liqueurs, spirits and craft beers all within a click of each other. Stay current and help yourself to a bottle of ‘Pinaq Colada’ or ‘Pinaq Rosé . We have a whole range of Pinaq’s to choose from bottled in their very distinctive and gift worthy pineapple shaped bottle. Or why not try a bottle or two of Whispering Angel Rosé, here’s what CHÂTEAU D'ESCLANS has to say about it, produced in the cellars of Château d’Esclans, which won The Wine Enthusiasts’ European Winery of The Year Award in 2014, Whispering Angel is a benchmark of classic Côtes de Provence rosé. Adored by wine-lovers around the world, the wine has evocative flavours of grapefruit and citrus combined with refreshing acidity. Never get caught short on booze again and never compromise with corner-shop quality; let Cazaar keep the drinks filled while you keep the conversation flowing. 

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