1980's Fancy Dress Costumes & Accessories

1980's was the decade of good music and partying till the early morning! Take a step back in time and join the decade of the 1980's where crimes against fashion were high! Be Bad to the Bone and slip on a shell suit fancy dress costume! Or the Ladies out there could try our crazy neon mesh top and tutu combination! Turn into someone’s dazzling disco date at the next 80s Fancy Dress themed party or event! 

For the Ladies 80s Fancy Dress we have these incredible stylish Neon Mesh Tops in a variety of different colours, complete with Neon Bead necklaces for the real deal! We have got Pink and Blue shiny and authentic looking Shell Suit Costumes for Women, as well as some classic sporty and neon-coloured Fishnet Gloves and Sweat Bands for your wrists and head just like those classic 80s workout videos! As for the Men, we got 80s Blue and Silver Shell Suit Costume for a genuine feeling costume to travel back through time with, or the classic 118 118 running man Fancy Dress Costumes for you to get a work on with, and how about the perfect all-rounder King of Pop Thriller jumpsuit costume! Whatever you need for 80s Fancy Dress, we have it all here!

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