1980's Pop Star Costume Set
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Travel back to the 80's and dance the night away with this George Michael inspired design! Put on the wig and glasses and you'll be ready to hit the stage
  • Plain White T-Shirt with 'Choose Life' Printed on the Front
  • Gold Framed Aviator Glasses
  • Combed Back Popstar Wig
Size Guide
Chest: 36-38"/91.5-96.5cm
Medium: Chest: 38-40"/96.5-101.5cm
Large: Chest: 40-42"/101.5-106.5cm
X Large: Chest: 42-44"/106.5-111.5cm
XX Large: Chest: 44-46"/111.5-117cm


Size Guide

Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge
Chest 36-38"/91.5-96.5cm 38-40"/96.5-101.5cm 40-42"/101.5-106.5cm 42-44"/106.5-111.5cm 44-46"/111.5-117cm

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