Wizards & Witches Fancy Dress Costumes

Cast a spell on your classmates and teachers this World Book Day with our World of Wizard Costumes, become your favourite sorcerers and sorceresses, enchant your friends and curse your enemies, all with high quality costumes and props from I Love Fancy Dress. Live the dream of becoming your favourite long- sighted boy-wizard with our mens wizard robe. And to really get the look right, pick up some black round geek glasses and a branch wand to match. But what’s a student mage without his peers? Make sure you pick up our Wizard, Companion, Girl and Nemesis Costumes so you can explore the corridors of your magical school together. 
Witch, Please! There’s more than one magical misfit on the block, so don’t forget to do your Worst this World Book Day with our costumes inspired by the long- running book series The Worst Witch. Our girls school witch and ladies school witch costumes are sure to make you look just like the clumsiest witch in the classroom. If you’re looking to be a little less enchanting and a little more alarming we’ve got just the costumes for you. Try our gothic halloween witch and girls Halloween witch outfits to give yourself a little more edge than a basic-witch. Then to top it all off add a witch nose to make you look a little more Miss Hardbroom than Miss Cackle. 

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