Vampire Fangs with Adhesive
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ADHESIVE VAMPIRE FANGS WITH PUTTY: Don't be a Pain in the Neck this Halloween, join the Party and look the part with Adhesive Vampire Fangs and raise the parties’ spirits high for a great night filled with memories!

FANG DETAILS: Your Vampire Fangs are a pair of large White Plastic Fangs that come in a Red Felt Coffin Shaped Box, and include a bag of Dental Adhesive Beads, the perfect addition to your spooky outfits!

EASY TO APPLY: 1. Bring 170.5ml - 227ml (6oz - 8oz) of water to boil and pour into a CERAMIC mug | 2. Pour the Dental Adhesive Beads into the water | 3. After approx. 1 minute, or when the Beads turn from white to clear, remove them from the water with a METAL spoon | 4. Carefully test the temperature of the Beads, whilst still very warm use your fingers to roll the Dental Adhesive into a thick worm shape | 5. Place the rolled Adhesive to the back of the Fangs, squeezing gently but firmly until a small amount of Adhesive comes through each of the holes | 6. Ease your tooth into the soft Adhesive until it touches the bottom | 7. Use your tongue to push excess Adhesive around the tooth | 8. Gently remove the Fang and allow it to cool for 10 minutes, it will return to the white colour once cooled | 9. Trim off any excess Adhesive | 10. Fit the appliance back onto your tooth - if it is not successful, reheat the Adhesive and repeat the process

GREAT SIZE: The Adhesive Vampire Fangs both measure a length of 2.5cm (1"), with the container measuring a length of 6cm (2.5"), the perfect size to store when not in use!

PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS: Whether you want to spook the crowd for Halloween, or are looking for the perfect accessory for any other fancy dress event, be sure to pick up these Adhesive Vampire Fangs!


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