Top 10 Birthday Cards for Dad

by Lola-Rose Whiting
Last updated: Jul 24, 2023

Blog Post: Top 10 Birthday Cards for Dads 2023

Is your dads birthday coming up? Have a look at these top 10 birthday cards for your dad. There are 10 funny cards to give to your dad on his birthday and they are definitely my favourites. There are plenty of funny, unique and relatable cards to choose from on Cazaar but these are definitely the top 10. 


A simple and plain card to give to your dad on his birthday with this ‘Old bastard’ card. A great card for anyone who is in your family but especially your dad. A funny card that identifies his age and how great he is. The perfect card to say happy birthday to your dad.


This ‘He googled his symptoms’ card is the perfect card that probably relates to your dad or at least most dads. It's a fun birthday card to give to him and unlike most cards the front is unique. It's a great card to get your dad laughing on his birthday and it's great if he doesn't really socialize with people and would just prefer to stay alone or at home.


‘At your age, you should never trust a fart’ birthday card. I find the best cards are the most immature. It does not have much on it and it is quite basic but it's still great. Again for this card it can be used for any loved one and it doesn't even have to be for their birthday.


‘You’re the coolest pop ever!’ Birthday card. A simple card for your dad, it is plain and easy if he isn’t too bothered about his birthday or even having a card. It would work well for younger children to give to their dads for their birthday. Or even if you have no idea on what kind of card to get him then this would be perfect.


Make your dad laugh on his birthday with this funny ‘Birthday day-off’ card. This card is great as it says happy birthday in a joke instead of actually saying it. It's unique, funny and relatable. Perfect for anyone who doesn't like to go to work or just for people who prefer funnier cards rather than normal cards.


Milestone birthday card. This card is great for congratulating your dad for hitting a milestone age, whether your dad is turning 50 or 80, it's always a great card. Also for anyone who doesn't really like their birthday. Or even if your dad doesn't particularly like to go out and he prefers to stay home, it'd be a great card for him and would definitely make him laugh.


‘I hope your birthday is as amazing as I am’ birthday card. A brilliant card if you know you are absolutely amazing. It's a way of saying happy birthday to your dad but also making sure that he never forgets just how amazing you are. This is one of the best ways to wish your dad happy birthday because it reminds him that you are amazing while still making sure that the card is about him.


‘The older they got the more problems they had with their joints’ birthday card.This card is perfect considering it could be used for a birthday for your mum or dad and you could also use it for their anniversary. But I would probably use it for my dads birthday. It's a card that's great to use to joke around with him and tell him he is getting old without actually saying it.


Wanker acronym card. I wouldn't quite say this is the most loving card for your dad but it's definitely going to show your appreciation for him in some way or another. A great card to give your dad on his birthday. It's the kind of card to give to your dad that will either make him laugh or make him mad. Either way it'll be a funny way for him to start off his birthday.


‘Hope your birthday is sick. (that means good to us young people)’ card. Again, another funny card to give your dad if he is quite far up the ladder if you know what i mean… or in other words he's old. It would be great for him if people always talk about how he's getting old and if he doesn't understand most of the slang words people say nowadays.