Scars, Wounds, Prosthetics & FX

Are you in need of realistic scars, wounds, and prosthetics for your next film or stage production? Look no further than Cazaar! Our team of talented makeup artists and special effects technicians have everything you need to create the most authentic and convincing injuries and prosthetics.

Our Prosthetic Wounds Failed Stitches are perfect for adding a touch of grit and realism to any character. These prosthetics are expertly crafted to look like they've been stitched up haphazardly, adding an element of neglect or incompetence to your character's appearance.

For a more intense look, check out our Prosthetic Wounds Burned. These prosthetics are designed to look like severe burns, complete with blisters and charred skin. They're perfect for adding a sense of danger or trauma to your character's appearance.

But that's not all - we also offer a Prosthetic Wound 666 on Head for those looking to add a touch of the supernatural to their character. This prosthetic wound is designed to look like it's been inflicted by some sort of demonic force, making it perfect for horror or supernatural productions.

No matter what look you're going for, Cazaar has the scars, wounds, and prosthetics you need to create the most convincing and realistic special effects. So why wait? Start shopping now and bring your characters to life like never before!

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