Raise a Glass in Celebration for National Prosecco Day!

by Luke Tonge
Last updated: Aug 11, 2022

Raise your glasses high and toast to a great day to celebrate a warm and welcoming event with the arrival of National Prosecco Day. With the beating heat of the sun still ripe and shining strong, make sure that you’re enjoying summer sunlight and embrace the day for National Prosecco Day!

But what makes National Prosecco Day so special and why do we celebrate it? Let’s take a look back at the history of Prosecco and understand why this event is celebrated worldwide. As a sparkling wine, Prosecco is made from Italian Grapes rather than from France, (In Veneto specifically), made primarily from one of the oldest Grapes known as Glera. Whilst Prosecco can also be made from Pinot and Chardonnay, the difference between them is how the grapes are fermented.

This is created by fermenting the Grapes juice with yeast to create a process that involves alcohol and carbon dioxide, which during a second fermentation process, causes the fantastic bubbles that make Prosecco so special to surface and become trapped in the wine, creating the sparkling wine as we all know it!

So why do we drink Prosecco? Prosecco’s primary purpose as described and served by the Italians is to “clean the palate, help rid the taste of three espressos you had in the afternoon, clear the mind, and to help ease you into dinner”. Typically enjoyed during and after a meal for an exquisite and prestigious taste, Prosecco can, and should be relished as its own entity just as much as it is appreciated as a palate cleanser!

On August 13th, none other than Riondo Prosecco created the special day on this date, being the “perfect time of summer to drink a beverage as sparkly as Prosecco”, the celebratory day is commemorated every year on August 13th, and continues to be the most popular drink next to champagne as for celebrations and ceremonies!

It is a day to celebrate one of the most important and culturally significant landmarks in beverage history and encourages everyone to enjoy an invigorating and thrilling day of drinks amongst their closest friends and family! To get in on the celebrations, make sure you pick up a fine bottle of Prosecco to enjoy for the day and share the sentiments online through social media using the #NationalProseccoDay to show the world how you’re celebrating this remarkable day of celebration!

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May your National Prosecco Day be filled with laughter, vim, and vigour for the summer!