In Memorium of Queen Elizabeth II

by Luke Tonge
Last updated: Sep 16, 2022

On September 8th, 2022, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away in her home in Balmoral Castle in Aberdeen, Scotland, after her reign of 70 years and 214 days from 1952 as the Queen of England, longer than any Monarch in British History. An incredible loss for the United Kingdom. With her Funeral taking place on Monday the 19th of September, we’d like to commemorate Her Majesty’s memory and honour her legacy on the throne.

From the age of just 25, following the death of Elizabeth’s father King George VI on 6th February 1952, Elizabeth made the choice to take on the mantle of the successor and fulfilled the duty of the Crown and became Queen at such a young age. With her Reign over the Monarchy spanning over 7 decades, Elizabeth persistently displayed her steadfast presence for her selfless commitment to public service.

She oversaw the successful transition of the United Kingdom, going from an Empire to a Commonwealth member, including a new settlement between the regions of the UK and constituent nations, overseeing the flourishing multicultural and multi-ethnic society we have today, easing social hierarchies, and creative and scientific achievements.

With all of these monumental achievements, an astounding historic legacy, and her commitment to cultural institutions and civic society, it is with the highest honour, sincerest gratitude, and bottomless affection that hundreds and thousands of people gather from across the glove to honour the life of this leader who continues to be an inspiration to her country with her stalwart heart.

From her unwavering duty and devotion to the nation, her divine humanity, humour, immeasurable sense of pride and stability, and reassurance, it is with great honour that the nation mourns her passing.