Hosting a Grand National After-Party: 5 Fun Ideas

by Darren Butler
Last updated: Mar 24, 2023

A horse racing event that fans look forward to each year is the Aintree Grand National. After the race is over why not keep the fun going, you can enjoy these After Party ideas with your friends and family. Here are 5 of the best ideas to do just that.

1. Karaoke

Who doesn’t love Karaoke? It is a fun way to let loose and have a few laughs with friends and family. After all of the excitement of the Grand National Karaoke can be a great way to keep the celebration going. You could rent a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app on your phone or tablet. Be sure to have a wide selection of songs to choose from so everyone has the opportunity to sing.

Why not add a racing twist to the karaoke and have everyone choose a horse or racing theme such as "The Winner Takes It All" by ABBA or "Horse with No Name" by America. You could also award prizes for the best performances.

2. DIY Photo Booth

A great way to capture memories from the after-party is to provide a DIY Photo Booth. All that is needed is a backdrop, some props and a camera. You could use something simple like a white sheet or a colourful banner as a backdrop. For props you could use horse masks, jockey hats and crops or you could even make your own props using cardboard and paint.

Why not create a racing themed photo frame to make the photos more memorable. Simply cut a frame using cardboard and decorate it with cardboard horse shoes, horse silhouettes and other horse racing imagery like the Grand National Logo and some of the names of the horses.

3. Themed Cocktail Bar

A great way to enjoy the after party is to provide some cocktails for your guests to enjoy. Cazaar offer a great selection of cocktail kits to choose from including the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Box which contains premium ingredients to create the perfect cocktail with a punch! And then you could choose to offer the Singapore Sling which also comes as a Cocktail Gift Box and contains all the premium ingredients needed to create a classic cocktail infused with gin.

You could also create a signature drink for your after party such as the Grand National Punch. To do this all you need to do is mix together fruit juices, soda and alcohol, and then serve in a punch bowl along with sliced fruit.

4. Racing Games

A good idea to keep the excitement going after the race is with some racing themed games. You could set up a mini horse racing game where guests bet on toy horses to finish first. Or then there’s the classic horse shoe toss game where guests throw horse shoes on to a post in the ground.

For a more interactive choice you could set up a wii or playstation with some racing themed games. Guests can compete against each other to see who’s best and win prizes.

5. Racing Movies

After the excitement of the race why not wind down with a movie screening of some racing themed movies. Some classic choices for this include "Seabiscuit," "Secretariat," and "National Velvet." or if you want to show something more lighthearted then there’s "Racing Stripes" or "Dreamer."

You could serve movie snacks such as popcorn, hot dogs or nachos.

So however you decide to celebrate the Aintree Grand National why not put up some decorations and balloons from Cazaar and make sure the venue is looking it’s best for this annual celebration.