Historical Fancy Dress Costumes

Fall back in time to eras long before us and indulge yourselves in dresses of elegance and grace in our History Fancy Dress categories! From Edwardian to Victorian, we have a wide range of costumes and accessories to choose from that you will be thrown back into the 1800's! Get ready Ladies and Gents to visit the most prestigious periods of our time!

We have such choices like our Red or Purple Tudor Princess Costumes, with such an authentic silk look and feel that you’d be foolish to try and find another dress as high in quality than this for a Historical Fancy Dress event! Or how about our selection of Roman and Greek Togas for both Boys and Girls, with Gold sashes and crowns to accompany, or you could even mosey around and pick up our Egyptian costumes we have for selection! How about our Victorian Dresses and Poor Tudor Boys costumes, we have so much choice for any event you’d need them for all right here, in our Historical Back In Time Fancy Dress category!

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