Cable Guy

Elevate your gaming setup or workspace with our collection of Cable Guys, combining functionality with iconic character designs to hold and charge your controllers, phones, and other devices in style. Showcase your love for Street Fighter with the Evil Ryu Cable Guy, featuring the fierce fighter in a dynamic pose that adds a touch of gaming nostalgia to your space while providing a convenient charging solution. Embrace the spirit of Marvel's Wolverine with the Wolverine Cable Guy, showcasing the legendary mutant hero in a striking stance that adds a touch of superhero flair to your setup. Delve into the Star Wars universe with The Mandalorian Cable Guy, featuring the iconic bounty hunter in his signature armor, offering a functional and visually captivating addition to your collection. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast, superhero fan, or Star Wars aficionado, our Cable Guys bring personality and practicality to your space, ensuring your devices are always charged and ready for action.

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