Fancy Dress Capes & Cloaks

Fancy Dress Capes & Cloaks are so simple, but we love them! Just look at all the famous faces who are known for their amazing capes, from the The Dark Knight to Mighty Frodo Baggins! They are the perfect way to finish off any outfit whether that is a superhero or a creepy vampire. Fancy Dress Capes & Cloaks are an iconic part of the world we live in today, as they have been all throughout history and time itself, and that’s why we have our Fancy Dress Capes & Cloaks category here for you to pick and choose what Fancy Dress Capes you need for any occasion!

We have everything from Deluxe Velour Capes in Red for costumes like little Red Riding Hood to black capes for Witches and Masked Vigilantes and Halloween, and purple capes for flashy and Gothic costumes, Superhero capes in any and every colour and size for all ages, Adults and Kids! Sherlock Deer Stalkers and Dalmatian Print Capes for the Book Week and Halloween costumes, Black and Brown Capes to complete a costume set for mythical creatures and festivals like Day of the Dead and Theatre Production. Any Fancy Dress Cape you need, we have it all right here, so come check out our Fancy Dress Capes & Cloaks category right here and find what you need to make the nights and parties extra special for any day and any year!

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