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Choosing an Electric Scooter

If you’re considering purchasing a new electric scooter and are looking for the best one to buy, you may think that they are all pretty much the same, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to design, yes there are definitely similarities, but when you look at the different specifications you will see they vary greatly in terms of top speed, mileage, charge time, weight and maximum load. Electric scooters have recently experienced a surge in popularity due to people trying to avoid public transport because of the COVID pandemic and indications are they will continue to grow more popular in the coming years.

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Electric scooters can be quite simple and easy to get the hang of, but if you’ve never been on one before it may take a while to get used to the speed and manoeuvrability. Before you jump on one and head to the town centre, you may want to get the hang of it first in a quiet car park or park. If you’re able to test drive an electric scooter before buying one it’s a good idea to pay close attention to how much pressure you need to use on the accelerator as use of this during long journeys could prove hard work. Also check out how much pressure is needed to slow down and come to a stop. It’s best practice to always keep one hand on the brake for emergency stops and so you don’t lose control of your electric scooter.

Shock Wheelz Electric Scooters

Shock Wheelz have a comprehensive range of 3 Electric Scooters to choose from, starting with an entry model costing £299.99 all the way to a top of the range scooter at £499. So whatever your budget, Shock Wheelz has an Electric Scooter to suit you and your needs. All models come with a built-in front LED light to ensure the safety of your night ride. Compare the models below & for more information visit www.shockwheelz.com

Shock Wheelz Go - £299.99

Top Speed - 25km/h / 15.5mph

Full Battery Range - 25km / 15.5 miles

Max Load - 110kg

Weight - 10.5kg

Tire Size - 5.5”

Shock Wheelz Pro - £399.99

Top Speed - 25km/h / 15.5mph

Full Battery Range - 20km / 12.5 miles

Max Load - 110kg

Weight - 12.5kg

Tire Size - 8.5”

Charge Time - 3 Hours

Shock Wheelz Pro-Max - £499.99

Top Speed - 25km/h / 15.5mph

Full Battery Range - 30km / 18.5 miles

Max Load - 110kg

Weight - 17kg

Tire Size - 10.5”

Charge Time - 6 Hours