Cake Accessories

Whilst a cake can be enjoyed under any occasion and at any point of time regardless of the event or day, but for those extra special days and events, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a very rare occasion with a nice flare and accessories on top of the cake. So take a look at our Cake Accessories category to find the ones you need, and think will add the extra feeling that you’ll need for your special events and parties!

Our Cake Accessories have everything all in one place you could need, from Birthday Candles with every number for every age you can think of so that you’ll never miss or forget the special day or number, Cake stands in all colours and heights, stacking up to 3 levels for your Cake to present it to all attendees, Cup Cake cases in a massive amount of styles, designs and colours for you to bake your little cakes and slices of big cakes to be placed within and displayed, and Cake cases for taking home and enjoying a little later on! Whatever you need for Cake Accessories, we have them here!

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