Adults Black Suit Costume
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This Plain Black Suit will act as a base for creating a few different looks. Simply add a pair of Sunglasses and become a secret agent! Why not team up with a friend. Wear a Fedora, Side Burns, a Tie and some Glasses and you will turn into the Blues Brothers in no time! Or even a fake pistol and turn yourself into 007...
  • Black Trousers with Elasticated Waistband
  • Black Jacket with Fake Pockets
Size Guide
Chest: 34-36"/90cm - Waist: 26-28"/70cm - Length: 28"/70cm
Medium: Chest: 38-40"/102cm - Waist: 30-32"/80cm - Length: 29"/73cm
Large: Chest: 40-42"/106cm - Waist: 32-34"/88cm - Length: 30"/76cm
X Large: Chest: 44-46"/114cm - Waist: 38-40"/100cm - Length: 30"/77cm


Size Guide

Small Medium Large XLarge
Chest 34-36"/90cm 38-40"/102cm 40-42"/106cm 44-46"/114cm
Waist 26-28"/70cm 30-32"/80cm 32-34"/88cm 38-40"/100cm
Length 28"/70cm 29"/73cm 30"/76cm 30"/77cm

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