5 Ways to Enjoy Burns Night 2023!

by Luke Tonge
Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

Have you got your Kilt ready? The great Scottish staple celebration of Burns Night is making the rounds again with another thunderous way to end the first month of the New Year for 2023!

Celebrating the annual Birthday of Robert Burns on the 25th of January, this holiday pays respects and tribute to the world’s great Poet and his life’s works, with festivities and events more than plentiful across the entire country to celebrate this vital day of Scottish History!

Robert Burns was one of the greatest minds to emerge from Scotland during the 1700s, he was a known genius but was an everyman whom others could confide in and relate to, as could he.

With his incredible wit, humour, and a strong focus on poetry themed around Love and Nature, Robert’s legacy has kept burning bright thanks to his close friends since the 1800s, gathering every year on the date of his birth to drink, read his Poetry, sing songs and eat together, to eventual Government funded suppers, Burns Night is one of the largest Literary Holidays of all time and a fantastic way to end Winter’s Inertia with hearty laughs and a time for gathering and celebrating with friends and family!

Whilst events and celebrations will be happening everywhere across the entire country, or if you’re unfamiliar or looking to involve others or yourself in the celebration, then we’ve put together a list of 5 Fun ways to Celebrate Burns Night for 2023 to kick start your year with friends and family! Pull up your Tam O’ Shanter Hats, Bagpipes, Kilts and Haggis and get ready to enjoy this historic celebration!

1# - A Burns Night Feast for Everyone

If you fancy having a cosy and warm evening inside with family and friends, what better way to bring everyone together than with the joy of food and a classic staple dish in honour of Mr Burns! (No not that one). Burns Night ultimately is all about the food, and all your feasts should be including the main staple: Haggis, much like Turkey is to Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner, it would be a disservice to Scotland to include a meal without Haggis! Your menu for the Burns Feasting could consist of meals and dishes such as:

Cullen SkinkLunchtime Meal - Smoked Haddock, Mashed Potatoes, Leeks and Onions, Crusted Bread, Milk, and Parsley for a filling lunchtime meal
- Haggis, Neeps and TattiesTraditional Scottish MealHaggis, ‘Swede’, Yellow Turnips and Potatoes, Boiled Mash, and Cream paired nicely with a glass of Scotch Whiskey, the Burns Night Staple drink
- Vegan HaggisTraditional Scottish Meal - Plant Based Haggis that is made from Mushrooms, Lentils, and marmite with Mashed Potatoes to include everyone to enjoy and share the evening meal together
- CranachanScottish DessertToasted Oats, Double Cream, Raspberries, Honey, and mixed with a splash of Whiskey to end the night happy!

2# - Burns Night Quizzes

Burns Night is the perfect day of celebration to involve everyone, what better way whether you’re at home, at a pub, or hosting a virtual Burns Night evening than to play a Quiz all about the man himself! Not only is it great fun and a perfect way to kick off the night, but Burns Night quizzes will teach and test you on important Scottish history and trivia that is worth learning, that’ll also deepen your appreciation for the evening we celebrate every year as well as acknowledge Robert Burns’ accomplishments in his short life and understand why he remains as Scotland’s most revered man that continues to stand the test of time throughout the ages!

3# - Karaoke and Poems

The great poet was also renowned for writing music to a vast majority of his songs and poetry, many of which are so famous you will know them by ear without knowing the name of his music, making it one of the best late-night events to bring everyone together to raise spirits and moods through the roof: Karaoke! Sing your heart out to timeless classics in any location to let the Scottish spirit run through you and everyone and wind down with his iconic Poetry to read and croon together with those closest to you; songs and poems to include within your track list should at least comprise of:

Top 5 Songs for Karaoke:

1-      Auld Lang Syne – Traditional Backing Track, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Steward
I’m Gonna be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers
Caledonia – Frankie Miller, Dougie MacLean
Scots Wha’ Have – The Real McKenzie’s
No More I Love You’s – Annie Lennox

Top 5 Robert Burns Poems:

1-   Auld Lang Syne
2-   To a Mouse
3-   Tam O’ Shanter
4-   A Red, Red Rose
5-   A Man’s a Man for A’ That

4# - Burns Night Tartan Decorations

Tartan. Put Tartan everywhere. Anywhere you can, the dining table, dog coats, Braces and Suspenders, Hats, you name it! Whether it’s just a splash of Tartan across a bunting, furniture, or accessories, Tartan symbolizes Clan Kinship and is an incredibly important symbol for the country, still worn even to this day to honour their family’s ancestors. All houses and places of celebration should be gleaming with Tartan colours and patterns in honour of this historic day of remembrance across the country! Unique Tartan decorations such as Tartan Flowers, Tartan Napkins, and Table runners, even with images of Burns himself will go a long way in creating the perfect atmosphere and feel for the day!

5# - Burns Night Clothes and Fancy-Dress Costumes

No one could forget the most important part of any special day of celebration, what you should be wearing for the day! Traditional Scottish Attire for events and celebrations is anything with Tartan, for the men, tradition is a Kilt, however, you can quite frankly wear anything you’d like, although when else do you get the opportunity to don the Scottish Tartan with everyone? For the Ladies, there isn’t a set-in-stone dress code either, but a splash of Tartan to your outfit will make all the more difference to your evening and experience!

Struggling to settle on what outfit to wear? Why not make the events and evening exciting with our selection of Burns Night Fancy Dress Costumes and Accessories? Full-sized Scotsman Tartan costumes and dresses for men and women to don, Tam O’ Shanter hats with Scottish hair attached, or even to bring out the love and honour for the country with Scottish flags, buntings, and flag capes with matching afro wigs and inflatables! Here at Cazaar, we offer all this and more to kickstart your exhilaration for the evening with our Burns Night category for you to pick and choose all the ways to personalise and celebrate your Burns Night with your friends and family!