1940's Fancy Dress Costumes & Accessories

The 1940's are known for the brutal years where many gave their lives, and we are forever thankful! With these wide range of 40s Fancy Dress Costumes, both you as Adults and Children can experience, celebrate, and add all the authenticity you need for your 40s Fancy Dress parties and events, or even School events where the whole school goes back in time for a day or week to let you feel what it was like to be living through those strange and difficult times! 

For the Boys and Girls, we have a great selection of Evacuee War Boy and Girl costumes in a good few variation to sort your fancy out, and for the Adults, we have some great military clothing for the theme of being a real trooper for your country, to protect everyone that lives around you and to fight with honour! Throw in an inflatable machine gun and bullet belt prop and you are set! So, look around to find what you need for your 40s Fancy Dress day!

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