How to throw a Mad Hatters Tea Party

by George Nesnas
Last updated: Jul 14, 2023

How to throw a Mad Hatters Tea Party

Summer is here which means it's time for garden tea parties. Especially a Mad Hatters Tea Party which is a very simple party to throw, it includes loads of decorations and it is very fun to set up and enjoy with your friends. 


You can’t have a Mad Hatters tea party without Mad Hatters decorations otherwise it would be boring. We have Floral Alice in Wonderland paper hanging lanterns that would be a great addition to your tea party, there are 3 in a pack so you should get a few to spread them out along the table or to place them all around your home to mesmerize your guests. You could hang them anywhere above you or you could use them to decorate by tying them to the chairs. If this isn't enough you could use our ‘We’re all mad here’ paper bunting by your entrance or near your table. It's a great addition to your Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Party and would entertain guests. It's especially great for your Mad Hatters theme. We also have Alice in Wonderland party card props which include a watch, playing cards, a hat, a rabbit and more. You could place them around onto the table to add more to the theme or you could hide them around for the guests to find. You could have a photo booth or a photo wall or could just take photos. They are great to show people your party theme in your photos. Cazaar also has a gold shiny fringe curtain wall door room that you could use as a background for photos.


To bring your magical theme of Mad Hatter to your tea party you should use our paper cups, plates and napkins which are all Alice in Wonderland themed of course. If you do decide on these tableware then I recommend that you also use our Alice in Wonderland Table cover. It would add to your tea party and would make your guests feel like they're in their own mad hatter world. If you again feel that this is not enough for your tea party you should take a look at our Alice in Wonderland style teapot vase centrepiece, you could leave it plain or you could add flowers into the teapot. If you want your Afternoon Tea to include some fun treats you should use the tree shaped cake stand to hold your cupcakes, it could hold 12 treats of your choice and if you end up changing your mind about using it then you could use it for a wedding or any other occasion that treats are included. Cazaar also has some floral cupcake teapot stands if you would prefer to spread your cupcakes out around the table. You could add treats like cupcakes, cookies, scones, biscuits and you could also add some fruit onto the stands. 

Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks are almost the most important thing for a tea party but if you have no idea on what to put onto your table here are some ideas. If you wanted to maintain the theme of Mad Hatter in your food then I recommend using some of the same food that they use in the film, if the guests know about these foods they would definitely enjoy the party and would enjoy themselves a lot more. For example you could use foods like cherry tarts, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffee and hot buttered toast and of course tea. These are all foods that they eat in Alice in Wonderland. However, if you want to have other foods then you should have: sandwiches, scones, cup cakes, cookies, crumpets, shortbread, plain bread and of course tea. To keep this in the theme you could cut your food into Mad Hatter shapes. Some drinks to have other than just tea would be lemonade, juice, punch, iced tea and flavored water. There are also many different types of tea bags for you to use at your tea party which means that you will have everything you need. You are even able to buy a teapot from Cazaar to brew your tea.


To make your tea party more interesting or to make you and your guests feel as though you are in Wonderland you could use costumes like the Alice in Wonderland costume. Or if you feel like dressing up as the Mad Hatter we have a costume for that too! If you like to go all out and dress up you may feel you want to be the Queen of Hearts. However if you don't want to dress up too much why not wear our Rabbit hat & clock set which isn't an actual costume instead it's just a hat and a prop to hold. People will know who you are and you can be comfortable in your own clothes. Costumes add to the theme and make your tea party look so much better and it will make it look like and feel like you and your friends are from the actual film.