All houses need some special glasses for special occasions, whether its for events like birthdays, celebrations for an accomplishment for a friend or family after a long while of struggling to get to where they want to be, or for the big dinner nights where you cook off everything delicious and make it great for all involved, this is the occasion to be bringing out the Flutes! Flutes are the most aesthetically prestigious looking glasses that always symbolise a grand time ahead once you bring them out!

Just take a look at the ones we have on offer! We have the classic Flutes made of glass, one in Black, another in White, and our other selection of Flutes that come with a detachable base and neck. Some you can pack them away and take them out on days out when travelling around, or even just to save you extra space in your cupboard! Whatever you need, we have it here for a classy and lively event, check out our Flutes Category here!

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