DC Comics 6060653 30 cm Action Figure in Authentic Movie Look, Wingsuit Batman or Selina Kyle, Various Designs
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  • Different 30 cm action figures with 11 points of movement: the figures can be brought into various action poses via the variety of movements. Please note: only 1 figure will be sent when purchasing.
  • AUTHENTIC THE BATMAN MOVIE LOOK: When designing the figures, attention has been paid to every detail so that they match the models from the movie (example: cloth cape at Batman).
  • Other figures available in sizes 10 cm and 30 cm to recreate as many film scenes as possible, there are the different characters (the penguin, Batman, Wingsuit Batman or Selina Kyle) in various sizes, with accessories and vehicles.
  • Contents: 1 "The Batman" 30 cm action figure (various variants available).
  • Note: online cannot select a specific variant. The actual product may differ from the images.

With the different 30 cm action figures in the authentic "The Batman" cinema look you can recreate scenes from the film in great detail. Equipped with 11 points of movement, each figure can be brought into different battle poses. What role does Selina Kyle play? Does Batman manage to defeat evil? DC fans of all ages will love the details of these action figures. Please note: only one figure will be sent online, no selection is possible.

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