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When you need some extra speed on your travels, or some gadgets to fix up your tech, it’s time to grab an upgrade to help yourself out with our Gadgets & Tech category! Here you can find our fantastic line of Shock Wheelz Scooters and Bikes, as well as Spare Parts and equipment to go along with them! With excellent features and top of the line manufacturing, these Scooters, Bikes, and more are all the perfect products for you to be looking into within & Gadgets and Tech Category!

Portable rechargeable batteries with a bag to carry them around in for all models and versions of the Scooters and Bikes, Spare Motors, and Tyres to keep your Scooters/Bikes all fresh and operable, and the Scooters and Bikes themselves! Available in different models and variations, these are the perfect pieces of equipment for you to get yourself on the road and going! With many more Gadgets & Tech on the way here, why not check out our category to see what’s in store for you today!

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