Kids Costumes

Browse our vast range of kids’ costumes to find that perfect outfit for any dress-up occasion. All of our costumes are divided into categories to make your shopping experience just that little bit easier, and to ensure that your child can be dressed to impress at their next exciting event. Indeed, as themed kids’ parties become an increasingly prevalent part of the growing up experience, make sure your child is kitted out in something just right.

For kids who just can’t resist a little bit of glitz and glamour, our range of celebrity and pop star kids' costumes can prove to be the very thing they want when attending their next dress-up party. From Katy Perry and Lady Gaga to Michael Jackson, make sure adequate homage is paid to your kid’s favourite stars. Alternatively, for kids with a slightly more ‘out there’ dress-up style, our range of animal and novelty costumes can really help to turn heads at any event. Why not turn up to the next party as Mr Rabbit, or even as a giant banana?!

To help you navigate your way through our vast array of kids' costumes, all of the product descriptions come with a size guide, which include the dimensions of the garments, along with a general age recommendation to help you discern which is the right fit for your child. We also include a little suggestion as to what occasion might be appropriate for that particular outfit.

Standard delivery is free for all orders over £30, and only £2.99 for those under £30. What’s not to love? Get ordering some exciting kids' costumes for your little one's next special event!

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