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It's fun to have some fun and to joke around and play Jokes and Tricks on your friends and family, especially when it’s very comical and over the top! That’s why we have this selection of fantastical Jokes and Tricks available for you to play hilarious and funny pranks on your closest friends for any special occasion and any time of the year!

From silly gag products like Fake Lighters that can squirt water, Rubber Pencils for work whenever you feel the need to make someone laugh after long days and weeks, Fake Doggy Doo to really give someone a shock when they find this Joke in a place they’d least expect to, Fake Bubble-gum that can give you a shock or a snap on the finger a classic prank! Whatever you’re feeling to use to get at your friends and family in a funny way, we have it all here for within our Jokes and Tricks Category!

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